All Limited Editions are strictly limited to 150 images.  Although the 150 images may be of differing sizes, the edition will not exceed 150, all sizes combined.

Christine McCowan's limited editions are available as Giclée Art Reproductions. A Giclée (pronounced zhe-clay) refers to both a category of collectible fine art similar to lithographs and serigraphs, as well as, a type of digitally created fine art print.  Not any digital print is a giclée however, only digital prints that are created on special high resolution printers utilizing archival inks.  Giclées are laboratory rated to provide several decades, if not a century or more of lasting print quality.  The archival inks and papers selected by Christine McCowan are rated up to 200 years.  It must be noted, however, that they have not been in existence long enough to confirm the accuracy of this rating.

Private commissions are available on request - please contact Christine for pricing on comissioned work.

Price List for Watercolor Giclées

Christine's watercolors giclées are printed on watercolor paper.

11 x 14 $100
16 x 20 $150
20 x 26 $175
24 x 30 $225
32 x 40 $350

Please contact Christine for prices on her Oil on Canvas Giclées

The customer pays all shipping costs.

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